AdamHavve by Schöpfung is a contemporary clothing label that fuses three elements into one: fashion, music and art. While keeping a liberal view, it has combined the sense of balance in freedom and creative art using characteristic colors and patterns which then transfers into contemporary pieces. Its conceptual design is derived from mixture the street culture, such as play and music background and Maison fashion. 

The name AdamHavve is an inspiration from the story of Adam and Eve, known to be the first human beings on this planet as told in the story of "Genesis". In the Hebrew language, Adam (the man) means "soil" and Havve or Eve (the woman) means "living thing/Life". The word Die Schopfung is a German word that explains the creation story as told in Genesis. The creators of Schopfung wishes to link Die Schopfung with its brand name AdamHavve to inspire through fashion and art form the story of creation, that which connects one thing to another to give birth anew.

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